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About this screen:
    It's difficult to compare conference using head-to-head records because so many factors go into it. Most notably when the poorer teams of one conference play the better teams of another conference you would expect the poorer teams would lose and the results of that game only muddles your result.
    This tool is designed to help break the teams from separate conferences into different tiers so as to compare teams that come from similar tiers in opposing conferences. By default, the lower tier is comprised of teams that finish with a conference winning percentage of 0.000 to 0.333, the middle tier is comprised of teams that finished with a conference record of 0.333 to 0.666 and the top tier with teams over 0.666. When doing multiple years, the team in each category will change depending on the team's conference winning percentage in the year the game was played. Conference winning percentage is based on the results in games that the conference says are conference games and is not neccessarily all games played against teams in that conference. Notably it does not include conference championships games. I've included the 'Use All Conf Opps' option (UACO) in order to calculate winning percentage based on a team's record against all their same conference opponents. I've also include calculate teams based on their overall winning percentage instead of their conference winning percentage in case someone can come up with meaningful information using that. To do so unclick the 'Conf Percentage' box.
    Since the tool is designed to compare conferences, it will only view games against teams not in that conference. Also, since majors and mid-majors statistically play at a different level, an option is included to select one or the other (and both, though that would muddle it). All games against non-IA teams will not be included. (Which teams are 'major' change on a yearly bases and the results would reflect where the team was in the year the game being examined is played.)
    An option to include teams in their current conferences have not been included. Often, looking at information that reflects teams where they currently are, but not where they were at game time leads to the results being total nonsense. One of the leading causes of this is when teams are considered majors when they weren't majors or the other way around (the same applies to teams currently in the top division [IA]). Since this is one of the leading criterias in this search, I decided to omit the option.
    The conference chart that comes out will have three rows and three columns, each column will be the tier level of the opponents and each row will be the tier level within the listed conference. At the end, a comparison chart will be shown for results of all conference against opponents from equal tiers, better tiers and lesser tiers.

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